[OnePlus One] Android 10 arrives with LineageOS 17.1


[OnePlus One] Android 10

OnePlus One will no longer be a flagship killer, but soon it will remove some dust on it by updating itself to Android 10. The credit goes to LineageOS 17.1: the owners of the smartphone announced on April 23, 2014, will find themselves in their hands a renewed device thanks to the custom ROM that will be available for download soon. The bacon code has indeed appeared on GitHub (link in SOURCE).

It will no longer be a snappy smartphone-like at the debut, nor much more appealing on the design side, but if you still have it somewhere in the house, perhaps hidden at the bottom of a drawer, it may be worth updating it to the latest stable version of the operating system of Google.

OnePlus One was the first-ever device of the Chinese brand, launched on the market with the much-discussed (and questionable) invitation system. With OnePlus Nord “you have returned to the origins”, as the company itself states, offering a product with good performance at a lower price than the previous top of the range.

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