OPPO Announces Enco Free Wireless Headphones

Enco Free Wireless Headphones

The Chinese company OPPO introduced its first fully wireless submersible headphones Enco Free. The design of the new product is similar to similar solutions from other manufacturers. Enco Free Headphones will be available in white, black and pink color options.

Headphones come with a charging case equipped with a USB Type-C port. According to the manufacturer, high sound quality is ensured through the use of Ultra-Dynamic speakers. The novelty supports the Bluetooth 5.0 interface, and the applied Bluetooth Low-Latency technology by 76% allows us to reduce delays in games. It also implemented a noise reduction system.

The battery life of Enco Free (including the charging case) is 25 hours.

The OPPO Enco Free headphones will go on sale on December 31 for about $ 100.

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