How to pair and configure the IWO 13 W56 SmartWatch

pair and configure the IWO 13 W56 SmartWatch

Check out in this post all the steps to pair and configure the IWO 13 W56 smartwatch on your phone. See what are the functionalities of the buttons, how to activate notifications, change the display, change language, and other tips.

The use of an application is necessary to synchronize data from IWO 13 with the cell phone. After being installed, the watch will be able to send data of the exercises performed daily. It will also be possible to track or monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep.

How to pair the IWO 13 W56 with the phone

Before you start, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth and Location are turned on.

  1. Then install the manager application on your phone. You can also scan the QR code printed on the manual or the watch (swipe down from the start screen).
  2. Open the M Active app on your phone. You will be asked for various permissions, click ” Allow” on all that appear. Finally, tap on “ I agree ” to accept the terms of use of the application.
  3. Now go to the watch, slide the screen from top to bottom and touch the “ (-) ” icon to enter “ BT Settings ” and check if the watch’s Bluetooth function is activated.
  4. Once this is done, go back to the application on the phone, tap on the ” Equipment ” or ” Device ” tab. Touch the ” Add device ” or ” Add device ” button.
  5. In the list of found devices, tap on the option “ Watch 6 “. Click ” Ok ” to confirm the pairing and allow all other requests from the application. If the name of the watch does not appear in the list, click on the “ search ” button below to perform a new search.

To check if the W56 is actually paired/connected with your phone, note if the status has changed to Watch 6 “ Already connected ” or go to the watch settings on the BT connection tab and see if the icon has changed from gray to green.

Configuring the IWO 13 W56

The IWO 13 has two side buttons to perform a series of functions. If you don’t like leaving fingerprints on the touch of your watch, you can still use some of the button’s features. Below are some steps to get your IWO 13 set up. See how to change, use or activate the clock functions.

  • Upper side button: rotate the crown to choose a display / zoom / decrease / navigate between the menus or press the crown to return / select / confirm
  • Lower side button: Press to return/confirm

Changing the display: the IWO 13 W56 has 50 options of watch faces to use as a watch face. See below how to make such changes:

  • From the watch’s home screen, rotate the crown to select a dial.
  • Or touch the display for a few seconds.

Changing the language: if your IWO 13 is not in the correct language, see the path you must take to make the switch to Portuguese.

  • Swipe left> touch the “ ABC ” icon > Touch the “ Auto-sync ” option and check the “ Off ” option.
  • Go back to the previous screen, tap on language and select “ BZ Português “.

Notifications screen: First, turn on clock notifications by going to Settings> New notification bright and leave it ON.

Accessing Alipay: It is an approach-based payment feature similar to Google Play. However, this service is not yet available in all countries. Unfortunately, Alipay is only supported for now in China.

  • To access, tap twice on the home screen of the watch.

Quick functions screen: having quick access to some functions of the watch can be very easy when it is necessary to set alarms, view information, or activate and deactivate features. On the home screen, slide your finger from top to bottom to view the following features:

  • BT settings
  • Clock information
  • Battery usage/level
  • Choose menu style (standard / beehive)

To view all notifications sent to the watch, swipe from bottom to top from the watch’s home screen.

Exercise screen: to access all sport modes available on the watch do the following:

  • Swipe right on the home screen.
  • Swipe up to navigate between modes.
  • Touch the desired mode to start an exercise.

Note: the names of the sports modes in this section will appear in the English language. There is still no support for the Portuguese.

Displays with interactive shortcuts: Depending on the watch face applied to the watch, you can tap the icons to view the details of each feature. For example, touch the running dummy icon to view the number of steps or the heart icon to access heart rate information, and so on.

Displays with interactive shortcuts

Note: on some dials these shortcuts may be missing, with icons and different or in other positions.

About the application

After adding information about weight, height, age, gender, M Active will be able to record all daily exercise steps, calculate daily calorie consumption, and display the distance covered. It will also record sleep, informing when it was lightest and also when it was deepest.

Also, you will be able to follow all the statistics of your daily, weekly, and monthly data, being able to view the summary history of the entire period. OM Active is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 devices running iOS 10.0 or higher and Android 5.0 or higher.

Problems solution

If IWO 13 has not paired, is not receiving notifications, or the connection to the phone is dropping, try the following steps.

  • On the phone, go to Settings > Applications > M Active, then touch each option on this screen and activate all those that are disabled.
  • Then go back to Settings > Accessibility > Installed services, tap on “ M Active ” and enable the side switch.

If the error persists, perform a new pairing following the steps in the procedure.

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