How to pair and use Realme Buds Q headphones


 Realme Buds Q headphones

If you just purchased the Buds Q headphones, you will certainly want to know how to use them correctly. See all the details of how to pair Realme Buds Q with your Android or iOS phone. Learn how to use the headphones and configure the ringtone controls through the Realme Link app.

Pairing the headphones can be done on cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, speakers, and other devices compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The synchronization process of the Realme Buds Q is a little different when compared to Xiaomi Airdots. However, you will not find any difficulty in performing the procedure. To do this, just follow all the steps in the tutorial.

How to pair the Realme Buds Q?

Below, we will learn how to pair Buds Q headphones with your device. You can choose to synchronize it with the application or manually.

Pairing the headphones through the application:

Step 1: Install the realme Link app on your Android or iPhone device.

realme Link app

Step 2: Open the app, select the country and then log in to your realm account. If you don’t have one yet, create one by clicking on “ Subscribe ”).

Step 3: On the “ Home ” tab and tap on the “ + ” sign to add a device.

add a device

Step 4: Then tap on “ Earphones ” on the left side menu and, on the next screen, select “ Realme Buds Q “.

Realme Buds Q

Step 5: Now press and hold the 2 buttons on the headphones for 5 seconds. Once this is done, release them and tap the “ Next ” option on the app screen.

option on the app screen


Step 6: Wait for the application to find the headphones. During this time, keep the phone close to the case.

Note: If the device is not found, check that the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Step 7: When you are finished searching, tap on the image of the headphones with the description “ realme Buds Q “.

Step 8: In the pop-up that opens on the screen, tap “ Pair ” to complete the synchronization of the headphones with your phone.

Pairing the headphones manually:

  • Enter your device’s Bluetooth settings and activate the function if it is disabled.
  • Without leaving the Bluetooth screen, keep your phone close.
  • Now open the case and without removing the headphones from inside, press and hold the buttons at the same time for 5 seconds and then release them.
  • On the phone, tap “ Realme Buds Q ” and then “ Pair ”.
  • Wait for the pairing to complete before starting to use the headphones.

How do I use Buds Q headphones?

The correct way to fit the headset to your ear will allow you to be more comfortable during use. Check out the steps below:

Button touches and functions:

The buttons on the real Buds Q headphones have similar functions to the Xiaomi Airdots 2. You can control music, answer calls, or activate Game Mode with the following commands:

  • Tap twice: to play or pause a song or answer a call.
  • Tap 3 times: to skip to the next song.
  • Press and hold one of the handsets: to end a call.
  • Press and hold the 2 headphones: to enter or exit the Game Mode (can also be activated from the application).

Customize the handset buttons:

In the realme Link app, you can activate or deactivate “Game mode” when playing a game of your favorite game or watching a video. Thus, you will have perfect synchronization with the audio of the game or the movie, that is, without any delay. But it is also possible to change the touch controls. To do this, access the application and make the desired changes.

How to reset the Buds Q realme?

If you are having problems with the audio, they may return to normal by performing a reset. Do this procedure also if you need to pair with another device. See below how to reset the Buds Q headphones.

  • Place the earphones inside the charging case.
  • Press and hold the buttons for at least 5 seconds and then release.
  • On the device it is currently paired with, go to Settings > Bluetooth > click ” Remove ” or ” Disconnect ” next to the handset name.
  • Perform a new pairing.

Additional information:

The connection of the realme Buds Q to a device remains active for up to 10 meters away. The earphones weigh around 3.6g, while its charging case weighs up to 28.2g . It has an IPX4 degree of protection that is resistant to rain and sweat.

Depending on the volume percentage of other factors, it is possible to obtain up to 20 hours of reproduction using the spare refills of the charging case. Below is the time specified by the manufacturer according to each modality:

  • 4.5 hours of continuous music
  • 3 hours of continuous call
  • 5 hours of continuous play
  • 6 hours of continuous video viewing
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