How to reduce the battery usage of the Amazfit Stratos and Pace

reduce the battery usage of the Amazfit Stratos and Pace

Is your Amazfit Stratos or Amazfit Pace smartwatch discharging in a few days? Here are some tips on how to reduce your watch’s battery consumption. By making some changes or disabling some unnecessary features, you can dramatically decrease your daily battery usage.

We know that some features used in smartwatches consume more battery power. In Amazfit Stratos, the battery lasts up to 5 days and in Amazfit Pace if used normally, it can last up to 6 days. But if by chance the heart rate measurement feature is activated, your battery will need to be recharged in fewer days.

GPS is another example of this, it is one of the features that consume the battery charge faster. However, it sometimes becomes impossible to disable it, especially if you are going for a walk, run, or cycle. Below we show some tips on how to reduce the use of Amazfit Stratos or Pace battery. Check out!

11 Tips to Increase the Battery Life of the Amazfit Stratos or Pace

  1. Make sure that “ continuous heart rate measurement ” is turned off in the HR Widget (don’t worry, it will always measure HR during activities);
  2. Turn off “Automatic upload” in the clock settings;
  3. Reduce the brightness to zero when you are outdoors (this feature is not so necessary during the day);
  4. Turn off “Wake up on wrist movement” (switch to wake up by pressing the button or enable double-tap on clock settings);
  5. Use Airplane Mode when you are away from the phone and/or Auto Airplane Mode at night while you sleep (don’t worry, it will monitor your sleep even in airplane mode);
  6. Configured alarms consume a lot of battery even if they are disabled. Then clear all alarms, if they are not in use;
  7. Avoid discharging the watch below 10%, this is not good for the battery;
  8. Also, avoid leaving the watch on the charger for long periods (+ 24 hours);
  9. If you are not going to use the watch for many days, turn it off with a battery charge equal to or above 50% ;
  10. To get the real full charge on the watch, after it is 100% charged, leave it on the charger for + – 30 minutes. This will cause the battery to charge completely on a slow charge;
  11. If your watch is new, the battery’s performance will only improve after a few days (after fully charging it 2 or 3 times in this period).

Disabling “Auto upload” from the Strava / Amazfit cloud and other tips

One of the causes that can also be linked to excessive battery consumption is synchronization with the Amazfit or Strava cloud. To try to resolve this, do the following:

  • First, go to the Settings clock and disable the AutoUpload then remove or pause synchronization Strava.

If this does not solve the problem, you must correct the synchronization with Strava in some way.

  • Reset your data in Strava, creating a new account to synchronize with Amazfit, or update the data manually.

If it still doesn’t fix it, you probably have an error when opening the Amazfit app on your phone. Check that when opening the application, a red bar appears at the bottom instead of a green one when synchronizing data. In this case, you can try to do the following:

  • Unpair and pair the watch again and, when asked if you want to recover the old data, choose the “ NO ” option.
  • Or try to unpair and create a new account for the Amazfit app and then pair the watch using the new account.

These were some tips to make the Amazfit watch battery last much longer. If you have other tips for us to add to this post, leave a message.