How To Root Doogee N20 And install twrp


The Doogee N20 now has the support to install TWRP Recovery. This means that even this can get root permissions. In this guide, users of the Doogee N20 will find the procedure to execute the Doogee N20 root permissions and install TWRP Recovery on it.

Doogee N20 root twrp

Getting root permissions on Doogee N20 is the only way to modify or update any Android operating system file. Once you have access to these files, you can easily move any app directly to your external memory like the SD card. Not only does the root allow you to access or update your smartphone or tablet, but you can overcome the hardware limitations.

By accessing the hardware you can change the start command, the overclock processor, use the reserved ram to support heavy applications. Now it’s time to see how you can easily get Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 root permissions.

The Advantages of Doogee N20 Root:

  • Installation of custom ROMs
  • Removing pre-installed OEM apps
  • Installing incompatible apps
  • Greater battery life and speed
  • Making full device backups
  • Overclocking and underclocking
  • Automate Everything
  • Change Skins

Disadvantages Of Root Doogee N20:

  • It can brick your device
  • No more warranty
  • OTA Update problems

Pre-requirements to Root Doogee N20:

Unlock Bootloader of Doogee N20

1. Connect your Doogee N20 Device to the computer, in Fastboot Mode. You can reboot your device to fastboot using the command in ADB terminal:

adb reboot bootloader

2. Now, open the Adb Terminal in PC, and then just enter this command:

fastboot oem unlock-go
fastboot oem unlock

3. your device will be reboot automatically. Now, you can Root Doogee N20, as the bootloader of your device is already unlocked.

How To Install TWRP on Doogee N20

1. Enable the developer settings on your Doogee N20 Device.

2. Navigate to the Settings -> About and then find the ‘Build Number ‘, and then tap on ‘Build Number’ for 7 times, this will enable the developer settings on your device.

3. Open the command prompt in computer/ ADB Terminal, and simply type the command:

adb reboot bootloader

4. Now copy the TWRP.img file downloaded in prerequisite section, to the same folder where ADB and fastboot binaries are located. Rename the file to ‘twrp.img’ and then enter this command:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img


fastboot reboot

5. And reboot your device.

How To Root Doogee N20 [Magisk-Supersu]

Root Doogee N20 Via Supersu

1. To root Doogee N20 Via Supersu download & Copy the SuperSU.Zip files on your internal storage or SD card.

2. Restart your Doogee N20 into the recovery.

Turn off your device.

Press & hold the Volume Down + power button, at the same time for about 5 seconds.

3. Click Install and scroll down and choose Update superSU and swipe to confirm flash.

4. Once the installation is finished, click on Reboot System to reboot your phone.

5. That’s it ! you have successfully ‘Root Doogee N20 via SuperSU’

Root Doogee N20 Via Magisk

1. To root Doogee N20 via Magisk Copy the file on your internal storage or SD card.

2. Restart your Doogee N20 into the recovery.

3. Turn off your device.

4. Press & hold the Volume Down + power button, at the same time for about 5 seconds.

5. Click Install and scroll down and choose and swipe to confirm flash.

6. After install complete press the return key. Select reboot to restart the phone in normal mode.

7. install the apk file “MagiskManager.apk”

8. Now you have successfully Root Doogee N20 via Magisk.

Download the Root Checker app that allows you to check in seconds if your mobile is rooted or not. If you want to unroot open SuperSu app click on Full Unroot.


Now you have TWRP and Root on the Doogee N20 and you can start customizing your Doogee N20 the way you want. With TWRP, you can install custom ROMs and other .zip files. You can also clear the cache, Dalvik cache and perform many other operations. To take full advantage of root access, check out our list of free root apps.

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