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Samsung will allow you to type text using a selfie camera

text using a selfie camera

Samsung’s C-Lab experimental laboratory introduced SelfieType technology – with its help you can use the front camera to type on any horizontal surface.

SelfieType technology does not require additional devices, just a table is enough. The front camera analyzes finger movements, detects clicks and converts them into a character set on a QWERTY keyboard. According to the developers, SelfieType easily adapts to various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

C-Lab will provide details on the operation of SelfieType technology in early January at CES in Las Vegas. Other projects of this laboratory will be shown there, including:

  • Hyler is a smart word extractor that digitizes selected text in paper documents and transfers it to the application.
  • Becon is a device and application for analyzing the surface of the head and selecting the right treatment.
  • SunnySide is a window generator of artificial sunlight.
  • Ultra V – sensor and service for monitoring the level of ultraviolet radiation in the room.

Earlier, C-Lab demonstrated several experimental projects at CES:

  • S-Ray – directional acoustics for wearing around the neck or attaching to clothing. Sound from such speakers is audible only to the user and does not bother others. These gadgets allow you to avoid the painful effect on the ears that headphones create, and do not drown out the surrounding sounds.
  • Relúmĭno is a VR headset designed for people with low vision. It works in conjunction with a smartphone that processes the image, optimizes it for the particular vision of a particular person and transfers it to the headset screen.
  • Go Breath is a fitness tracker for people who have recently had surgery and are recovering through exercise. It monitors breathing and helps prevent unnecessary stress on the lungs.


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