How to set up IWO W66 SmartWatch


IWO W66 SmartWatch

The IWO W66 is a smartwatch capable of monitoring sleep, measuring heart rate, blood oxygen, among others. But in order for all this data to be tracked in more detail, it will be necessary to first pair the iwo w66 with your phone.

Below, we will describe all the steps you will need to follow to pair your phone with the iwo w66. Then, see instructions on how to configure the main functions in the app, customize and synchronize the watch faces on the watch.

How to pair the IWO W66 with the phone

pair the IWO W66 with the phone

  1. First, install the FitCloudPro Android | iOS app on your phone.
  2. Open the application and give permission to whatever is requested on the screen.
  3. Then, tap on the ” Device ” or ” Devices ” tab and click on the ” Add peripheral now ” or “Add device ” option to search for the watch.
  4. On the next screen, tap the ” Search now ” or ” Search now ” button. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  5. In the search result, tap on “ Watch 6 “. Note that the MAC numbers correspond to the clock.
  6. Keep the watch close to the cell phone. Tap ” Pair ” on the pop-up that opens and then “Finishes “.

After completing these steps, the IWO W66 is already paired with your phone.

Enabling IWO W66 Audio Mode

Activate this feature if you want the audio of calls or songs played on the phone to come out of the clock’s speaker.

Enabling IWO W66 Audio Mode

  • Go to the phone’s Bluetooth screen.
  • Now go to the watch and access the quick menu (swipe down from the home screen)
  • Touch the headset icon and then activate the “ Audio mode “ option.
  • The “ Not connected ” status will be visible below.
  • Go back to the phone, the option “ Watch 6-LE ” will be displayed in the section “Available devices”. Touch it and wait for it to connect.
  • If the process was done correctly, the status on the cell phone and the watch will change to “ Connected “.

For the audio to be played back on the phone, just disable the feature on the watch.

Configuring the application

After completing the steps to sync the two devices, we will now activate some important functions of the FitCloudPro app. To do this, access the “ Devices ” tab and activate the following functions:

  • Weather forecasts: so that this information is synchronized between the watch and the phone.
  • Lift your wrist: when you rotate your wrist, the watch screen will light up automatically.
  • Improved heart rate measurement: for sensors located on the base of the watch to send this data to the app.

Synchronizing the application’s watch faces with IWO W66

FitCloudPro has 16 watch faces by default to use as a watch face. The procedure for synchronizing a new watch face is quite simple. Follow the steps below:

Synchronizing the application

  • In the app, go to the “ Devices ” tab and then tap “ Watchface “.
  • Scroll through the available options and tap the one you want to apply as a screen.
  • Press the “ Synchronize watch face ” button and wait for the change to be completed.

You can also change the display from the clock’s home screen. See how:

  • Pressing the screen for a few moments or turning the crown of the upper side button.

Using an image or photo as a watch faces

Using an image or photo as a watch fac

If you think the amount of watch faces made available by the application is low, you can use your creativity to create your own personalized watch faces with our guide below.

  • Access the “ Watchfaces ” section in the application.
  • Touch the editable watch face (first image with a pencil drawing).
  • Then touch the “ + ” sign below, select “take a photo” or “use album image”.
  • If you took a photo to use as a display, crop it if necessary and then click ” Select “.
  • The photo or image you want to customize will be in the ” Background ” or ” Background ” tab.
  • Touch the image to select it and right next to it, touch the ” Style ” tab.
  • Select the font format and color. Then go to the ” Position ” tab and choose where the widgets will be displayed on the watch face.
  • When you’re done customizing your WF, tap the “ Set as watch face ” button to sync.

To view all personalized watch faces, go to Watchfaces> My Watchfaces.

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