The Timeline tool should be eliminated from Windows 10 in the coming weeks

One of the most useful tools for working on Windows 10 is expected to be phased out in the coming weeks, Microsoft confirmed. The Timeline tool allowed user activity to be synchronized across multiple Windows 10 devices, which means that users could quickly and easily resume on a device from where they left off.

The feature was especially popular with hybrid workers, who could switch between locations and devices without interruption or the need for long synchronization processes.


Despite its popularity, Microsoft has confirmed that the timeline sync will end soon for users of Microsoft accounts, with the recent Windows 10 20H2 update of the bell ringing for the feature.

Microsoft’s new support documentation has shown that the timeline will be removed for all supported versions of Windows 10, starting with Windows 10 20H2, starting in July 2021.

“Note: as of July 2021, if you have your activity history synchronized across your devices through your Microsoft account (MSA), you will no longer have the option to upload new activities to the timeline,” he said the warning.

“You can still use The Timeline and see your activity history (information about apps, websites and recent files) on your local device. Accounts connected to the ADF will not be affected. ”

The end of the timeline had been expected for some time, with Microsoft suggesting in April 2021 that the feature would be discarded soon – although many thought that would not happen until the release of the Windows 10 21H2 update later this year.

Microsoft has assured users that the Timeline will remain a local service, with the feature and the entire history of the user’s local activities, such as recent apps, files and websites visited, remaining on Windows 10.

However, with the Timeline apparently designed for those workers who change devices or locations regularly, it is unclear how this will benefit them in the future.

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