TV Guide Canada: Netflix’s Best Alternatives [Novembre 2019]


TV Guide Canada or TV Guide for Canada, what are the best alternatives for Netflix, does the Netflix streaming service really have the monopoly to be the best of all streaming services in Canada?

This little post is just to remind you that, Netflix is ​​not the only streaming site, there are as many and that is better than Netflix.

I know it’s hard to believe it, but be aware that Netflix is ​​not the only streaming site or video-on-demand service. Given its popularity, many of us think that Netflix is ​​the gold standard for free VF streaming sites. we present in this article 3 best streaming services better than Netflix.

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TV Guide Canada CaveTV

CraveTV offers old HBO content and more recent content from Showtime, in addition to some of its own exclusive content, including Letterkenny and Indian Detective.

Some people think that the value of CraveTV does not justify the price charged, but when you consider that some US-based streaming platforms, such as Hulu, charge extra for HBO content, you’re doing a good deal here.

Bell Canada’s Crave TV is Netflix’s largest direct competitor in Canada. Cave TV has more than 10,000 hours of TV programs. The content of CraveTV is accessible directly from a television set via a catalog of programs or via the website and application of CraveTV.

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If you have heard of TMN GO, you are in a very exclusive club. Taking advantage of The Movie Network’s vast library, TMN GO offers an impressive number of films and shows, including La La Land, Dead Pool, Game Of Thrones, etc. Unfortunately, TMN GO is only accessible if your TV group has channels The Movie Network or TMN Encore.

Video premium

Amazon Prime

The most recent pack, Amazon launched the Prime Video service less than a year ago and it shows. Prime Video has moderate prints, such as Transparent, American Gods and Mr. Robot. The rest of his selection – which you can view only with a Prime or Prime Student subscription – would be better described as eclectic.

I hope this list for Guide TV Canada will certainly help you make a good choice among all the Streaming services you knew before. If you are not satisfied you know other services better than Netflix, we can write to you in the comment section.

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