How to update a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

How to update a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy smartwatches receive updates periodically when it is necessary to make some adjustments or to fix something, such as a bug. But there are also those updates to add new features or to improve those that are already active on the watch.

Recently, the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatches received updates. These came to update blood pressure monitoring, ECG, some running metrics, and also SmartThings Find.

Why is it necessary to keep your Samsung watch up to date?

Periodically observing whether your Samsung wearable has the latest updates installed is a security issue. Updates are needed to add new features, improve performance, and keep your device secure at all times. The software update can usually be done via Over The Air or OTA. You can obtain them through the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app or simply by accessing the settings of the watch itself.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, or Gear and do not know how to view this information, below we will teach you the steps to check if there is any pending update on your watch.

How to update your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch?

The way to perform the update procedure on Samsung smartwatches is basically the same. The very simple steps to be performed, you just have to choose if you want to update your watch from your mobile phone or choose to do it on your smartwatch.

Updating on mobile:

  1. Open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on the phone that is paired with your Samsung smartwatch.
  2. Go to the ” Home ” tab and scroll down and tap Watch software update.
  3. Then, tap “ Download and install ” to check for pending updates to download.
  4. A message informing you that an update is available will appear. If not, you will be notified that the software is up to date.
  5. If there are updates, tap on to start the installation process.
  6. Finally, remember to keep your watch and phone close until the updates are fully downloaded and installed.

Note: If you prefer the updates to be installed automatically, you can choose to download automatically over a Wi-Fi network on the watch software update screen as we taught above. But first, make sure your phone and watch are connected to an active Wi-Fi network.

Updating on watch:

  1. On your watch, go to the application screen and look for the “ Settings ” icon.
  2. Scroll until you find the ” About ” menu.
  3. Select ” Software ” and see if any updates are available.

Updating on the Samsung Gear smartwatch:

  1. On your watch, go to the app screen and look for the settings icon.
  2. Scroll until you find the ” General ” menu.
  3. Tap “ Update your watch software ” to see if updates are available for Samsung Gear.

How to proceed when updating the watch?

The most correct thing would be to wait until the smartwatch restarts and completes the entire process of updating your software, after that, you can use it normally. Generally, the time taken to download and install one or more updates can vary widely, this will depend on the quantity and size of each update.

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