Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra amazes: it will be the first smartphone in the world with a camera under the display!


Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra amazes

In the last period, we are talking about Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, the next super top of the range of the brand that will be presented on 11 August. We know that not only Redmi K30 Ultra, almost twin brother, will be presented with him, but also a whole series of new products including (probably) a professional Go-Kart. But do we know everything about him?

The leaks have revealed the key specs but there are some features we still don’t know for sure such as the front camera. Why hasn’t it been talked about until now? Perhaps because it had to remain secret.

The next Mi 10 Ultra flagship will be equipped with the camera under the display: it will, therefore, be the first smartphone in the world to be marketed with this technology

In our network, some time ago, we showed a video that portrayed a smartphone with a camera under the screen. It was a prototype of Oppo Reno Ace which, unfortunately, although the technology was revolutionary, could not be commercialized.

The problems were there for all to see: the camera section remained “pixelated” and horrible to look at. In addition to this, the shots were not very good, according to the technicians. However, it seems that Xiaomi has overcome these problems. At least according to the following leak.

First of all: who is Ross Young? We read from his bio that he is the founder of DisplaySearch and therefore a figure who knows about screens. Continuing to see his profile we notice that many reliable leaks turned out to be true.

We say this because we have never had anything to do with him and in respect of the users, we always try to give information as reliable as possible. In short, returning to the main speech it seems that Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be equipped with the revolutionary technology that allows you to integrate an optical sensor under the front panel of the smartphone.

As for the other features, everything remains in doubt. We know that 42W wireless charging and a maximum RAM of 16GB will likely be integrated. Under the body there will perhaps be a Snapdragon 865+ but here too, as for the rest, all to be confirmed.

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