Xiaomi Mi A1 January 2020 Security Patches


Xiaomi Mi A1 January 2020 Security Patches

Xiaomi has started to implement Android security patches that refer to January 2020 also on the Mi A1. As the readers of OutofBit will certainly remember, Xiaomi Mi A1 is a phone launched by the giant of Beijing in 2017. Although three years have passed since its official “release”, the device continues to receive security patches, and this is undoubtedly a very positive fact.

The January 2020 patches can be seen as a “happy new year gift” from the Chinese company to all owners of this product. The update is approximately 109.5 MB in size.

Thanks to the implementation of the January security patches, the phone gets corrections to the framework (including the media one), the system and the vulnerabilities of the Google Play system updates. In addition to this, the latest update released by Xiaomi for the Mi A1 also corrects several bugs and improves the stability of the device.

Some sources confirm that the update is already being distributed on the various Xiaomi Mi A1, although for now, the Asian company has not provided any official confirmation. However, on the well-known Reddit platform, many posts (and comments) have already appeared by users confirming the receipt of the update.

Also, this update should be distributed through OTA, therefore it will reach all the affected devices within a few days.

However, those who do not want to wait can proceed manually by going to the Settings menu and then clicking on System updates to check for the update with the January 2020 patches.

Before downloading and installing the update, the advice that is given to users is to proceed with the download with a stable WiFi network. In addition, it is good that your phone has a charge level of at least 50%.

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