Xiaomi Redmi G, The New Low-cost Gaming Laptop


Xiaomi Redmi G

Today Xiaomi has revealed what is the first gamer laptop of the Redmi brand. A few days ago we talked to you about its arrival and today we have all the data on this Xiaomi mid-range laptop under the Redmi sub-brand. Redmi G is one of the mid-range laptops to consider if we do not care about several important points that make it a good or bad purchase.

Redmi G arrives with a 16.1 ″ Full HD panel with a wide range of colors represented 100% sRGB with 144Hz, inside we find a tenth generation i5 or i7 from Intel, this time there are no AMD Ryzen processors. The Intel Core i7-10750H reaches 5Ghz in turbo mode with 6 cores and 12 threads.

Its chassis is reinforced with a double heat sink through two fans and side air vents. At the same time, it cools an Nvidia GTX 1650ti graphics with 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM. In terms of storage and RAM, we have up to 16GB DDR4 at 2933MHz with SDRAM support up to 64GB, and in terms of storage you can add up to 2TB in SSD. From the factory, it comes with 512GB in all its versions.

The keyboard has a US configuration with RGB lighting and lights on the sides of the chassis. In terms of connectivity, we find Wifi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Type C, and USB 3.0.

It should be noted that this Xiaomi Redmi G can be purchased in versions with the i5 10200H + GTX 1650 and a 60Hz screen at a sale price in China of 4999 yuan (609 €) / i5 10300H + GTX 1650ti + 144hz for 5799 yuan (€ 707) / i710750H + GTX 1650ti with 144Hz on the screen priced at 6,599 yuan (€ 804).

The problem with buying these Xiaomi laptops that are manufactured for the Asian market is the problem that we always find ourselves with and that takes certain purchase risks.

  • Most laptops are sold from China with a one-year warranty, as required by the laws of this country. We do not have a 24-month warranty in Europe. If the buyer suffers a problem with his laptop, he will have to deal with the problem of being able to send the defective laptop to the seller, the user paying the postage (about € 50 shipping to China).
  • Laptops being shipped from China can be stopped at customs and the state can ask us to pay VAT + tariffs + management fees, increasing their price considerably, making what was going to be a bargain a waste of time and money.
  • All the laptops that Xiaomi and Redmi sell in China arrive with official Windows 10 in Chinese. That is, when you start the laptop you will have to access the BIOS to format and install the system again with Windows 10 in Spanish or the language in which we are going to use it via USB or CD.
  • All these laptops come with the keyboard in American format. We do not have the letter Ñ as well as the arrangement of several keys are different and we will have to make adjustments within the system to fit our user’s needs, thus being a minor error.
  • Sockets with the use of an adapter. If we buy a laptop from China, it will arrive with the Chinese plug, so we will have to use an adapter to the electrical network. These connectors are not of very good quality and if the laptop requires more power, the heat retained by the adapter could lead to an overload or fire of the plug. The best thing, in this case, is to change the plug for a European one or use a strip that retains that overload.

So after this summary of data and problems from my point of view, it is not worth buying a Xiaomi RedmiBook or Mi Laptop. We expose ourselves to several problems that make the purchase not recommended and especially if you are a person who does not have computer skills.

If the purchase is made from Europe or Spain, we will have better customer service in the event of problems that may occur. But as long as Xiaomi and Redmi do not launch a Global version of their laptops, the keyboard, plug, and system problems will be present.

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