Xiaomi showed a smart keyboard with voice dialing


Xiaomi showed a smart keyboard with voice dialing

Xiaomi company plans to release a wireless keyboard, the text on which you can type not only with your hands but also with your voice. She is looking for money for its production on the Chinese crowdfunding site Youupin.

The keyboard will come with a wireless mouse with asymmetrical design, non-slip texture, and a rear magnetic shell.

Xiaomi has ready-made working prototypes of these accessories, the set is called MIIW Elite. The keyboard has an 85-key mechanical design with scissor keys. The edges of the case, like the keys, are rounded. The thickness of the keyboard is 7.8 mm.

To the right of the Alt and Ctrl keys is a button that activates the HKUST Xunfei voice package. To enter text with a voice, you need to press and hold it. This button can also be used to activate various commands, including displaying weather forecasts, exchange rates, and more.

Translated into Russian currency, this set will cost about 2600 rubles. New items should appear on sale on February 25, 2020. To warm up the interest of buyers, Xiaomi released a simplified keyboard MIIW 85, which received the same design, but lacks a voice input system.

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