you can now use the same WhatsApp number on different phones

Now officially with the new beta version of WhatsApp, you can now use the same number on multiple phones or different smartphones, WhatsApp recently submitted a new update through its Google Play beta program, bringing the version to 2.20.110 my possibility, with the same phone, to use this one with another different phone.

With over two billion users, WhatsApp is one of the messaging applications used in the world. Despite the many improvements it has experienced in recent years, some basic features are still missing. The fact that it is impossible to use the same account on several different smartphones is, for example, a serious handicap. But things are about to change.

Some modifications at the application level

  • The Message Expiration feature is not yet available.
  • This feature is under development: it means that WhatsApp is working on this feature and no release date is available.
  • If you don’t see the update on the Play Store, please wait until Google is deployed for you (probably depending on WhatsApp’s preferences).

As you know, WhatsApp often renames its features before the official release: before it has changed the name of Revoke Messages (for Unsend Messages and finally Delete messages). And with version 2.20.110, the situation repeats itself: the first name was Disappearing Messages, renamed to Delete Messages and now his name is Expiration of messages!

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